cocaine withdrawal

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms and Timeline

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Learn What to Expect During Cocaine Detox and Withdrawal. Cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs out there. For over a decade, high costs for the drug suppressed it’s popularity—but now it is on the rise again. In fact, SAMHSA reports…
heroin nod

Heroin Nod Explained

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What Is Nodding Out? One of the effects of using heroin is the heroin nod, or nodding out. Nodding out is a term that describes being in and out of a conscious state after using heroin. The “heroin nod” can come about in a matter of…
norco withdrawal

Stages of Withdrawal From Norco

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No one enjoys having to suffer from pain of any kind. So, when a doctor prescribes pain pills like Norco (hydrocodone) the drug is welcomed with open arms. Most patients are able to take this drug for a week or so with no problem. But for others,…
Barbituate Overdose

Barbiturate Overdose Treatment and Recovery

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Barbiturates are sedatives that were used before benzos came on the scene. Even though these drugs are not used much now, they still could be used as a drug of abuse. When someone overdoses on these drugs it is a serious health event that requires…
Skin Abscess from Injecting Heroin

The Dangers of Skin Abscess from Injecting Heroin

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Heroin use has risen in great numbers as opiate abuse exploded in recent years. The intense high that people using synthetic opioids enjoyed has driven people to seek out a cheaper option. This is why heroin use has been on the increase of late. Drug…
Why Do My Teeth Hurt After Smoking Ice

Why Do My Teeth Hurt After Smoking Ice?

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Meth Mouth is a Serious Effect of Meth Addiction Methamphetamine, also known as Ice, is a highly addictive synthetic stimulant. Ice can be smoked, snorted, or injected. One of the worst effects of meth addiction is a condition known as “meth…
residential drug treatment california

Residential Drug Treatment Programs in California

Introduction When taking the first important step toward recovery—the conscious decision to obtain treatment for drug or alcohol addiction—there are some things to consider before deciding on the type of rehab that is best suited for your…
Prescription Opioid

Prescription Opioid to Heroin Use

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Over-prescribing prescription opioid has led to a national drug epidemic resulting in millions of people developing an addiction to these drugs. While doctors were initially misinformed about the drugs’ potential for addiction by the manufacturers,…
medication for alcoholism

Drugs To Treat Alcoholism

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Anyone who has attempted to quit drinking unsuccessfully understands the powerful grip of alcohol addiction. Alcoholism is a brain disease, a result of the altered brain chemistry and neural pathways that can make it a very daunting and frustrating…
long term addiction treatment

Long Term Addiction Treatment Facilities

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6 Benefits of a Residential Addiction Treatment Program We humans have been groomed to expect instant results in every facet of our lives. We seek expediency wherever we can find it, whether it’s the highest speed Internet service, the quickest…