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Residential rehabilitation offers an unparalleled standard of care. It encapsulates the full spectrum of addiction treatment components and includes on-site accommodation. This level of care is essential for anyone who has tried many times to quit on their own, but can’t. Being in a supervised environment without access to substances, with a structured program in place to kickstart your recovery, is an extremely effective level of care. Sometimes doing things your own way doesn’t work and you need the structure and guidance from others to break through the initial phase of abstinence.

The duration and components of our residential program are tailored to each individual, influenced by factors such as:


Your journey begins with a clinical assessment with a clinician who dives deep into your substance use patterns, substances abused, duration of usage, previous treatment, history of trauma and any pertinent details linked to addiction or co-existing mental health challenges. This aids in formulating a customized inpatient treatment plan.

When indicated, clients may need to start with medical detox which is provided under 24/7 care over a handful of days. Expert support ensures the minimization of withdrawal symptoms and timely intervention during potential health risks. Substance abuse treatment and clinical programming begins after detox, when the body is receptive to care.


The main components of our Palm Springs inpatient treatment program include:

Individual Psychotherapy Sessions

In private sessions, clients are able to uncover the roots of their addiction, identifying distorted thought patterns leading to unhealthy behaviors. Techniques like CognitiveBehavioral Therapy (CBT) are utilized, encouraging clients to foster positive self-affirmations and actions. This also becomes a space to unearth past traumas or emotional wounds fueling substance use.

Group Therapy

An invaluable platform for peer support, group therapy sessions allow clients to share experiences and learn from fellow participants. It’s also an avenue for practicing vital recovery tools like conflict resolution and stress management under the guidance of a clinician.

Family Therapy 

Since addiction affects entire families, family therapy sessions become instrumental. These sessions foster trust, effective communication, and help family members establish beneficial boundaries for their recovering loved one.
Recovery Groups (12-Step or Non 12-Step): Based on the rehab’s philosophy, clients engage in recovery group sessions like A.A., N.A., or SMART Recovery. These often feature motivational guest speakers, imparting invaluable insights and experiences.

Addiction Education 

Empowering clients with knowledge about addiction, its genesis, and brain impacts helps in formulating a robust relapse prevention plan.

Therapies Backed by Science 

Including DBT, CBT, EMDR and more led by certified providers.

Holistic Activities 

Complementing traditional therapy, holistic activities offer unique insights into our thoughts, habits and character and how we can transform. Activities include art therapy, mindfulness exercises, meditation and journaling.

Recreational Activities 

Physical well-being plays a pivotal role in recovery. Engaging in recreational activities and regular exercise fosters mood enhancement, improved sleep quality, and overall wellness.

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Our inpatient program in Palm Springs allows you to dive deep into recovery surrounded by expert guidance and robust support at every turn. Embrace the possibility of a life free from the chains of substance abuse. Begin by reaching out and speaking confidentially with our admissions advisors.

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