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Navigating the world post-residential treatment requires steadfast support and structured guidance. At Ken Seeley Communities, our Outpatient Daytime Treatment Program serves as a robust bridge, facilitating this transition. Whether you’re stepping down from residential care or seeking an intensive, commuter-friendly treatment option, our program is tailored to meet your unique recovery journey.


Outpatient treatment provides comprehensive group and individual therapy sessions during daytime hours. Different from residential treatment, clients return home or to a sober living facility in the evening. This model strikes a balance, offering rigorous therapeutic support while letting clients maintain or integrate back into their daily lives.


Our outpatient rehab in Palm Springs is best suited for individuals with these common circumstances and needs:

Transitioning from Residential Care: It serves as a progressive step for clients transitioning from a full-time residential setting, ensuring continuity in their recovery.

In Need of an Alternative Treatment Option: For those who require intensive treatment but have commitments that make residential care challenging, this offers a viable alternative.

Deemed Appropriate for this Level of Care: For those who have been assessed by a clinician as appropriate for this level of care based on substance abuse or relapse history.


The primary benefits of our outpatient program include:

Tailored Treatment Plans: Even in outpatient settings, customization is paramount. We ensure each plan is crafted in resonance with individual recovery needs by a treatment team.

Therapies That Work: Our daytime program thrives on the same clinical expertise that defines Ken Seeley Communitiesresidential programs:

Dual Diagnosis Focus: Recognizing the interplay between substance abuse and mental health, our clinicians are skilled in addressing both domains simultaneously.

Real-Life Integration: As clients begin integrating into their daily routines, our program provides tools, strategies, and supports to navigate real-world challenges.

Flexible Schedules: Understanding the diverse needs of our clients, we offer schedules that fit seamlessly, ensuring commitment without compromise.

Structured Support: The transition from a controlled environment can be daunting. Our program provides the necessary scaffolding to support this journey.

Maintaining Daily Commitments: Whether it’s work, school, or family, clients can stay engaged with their daily responsibilities.

Community Building: Group sessions foster a sense of community, allowing clients to lean on and learn from peers traversing similar paths.

At Ken Seeley Communities, our commitment is unwavering, whether you’re in a residential setting or walking the path of outpatient care. Our Outpatient Treatment stands as testament to this dedication, ensuring that every step you take towards recovery is fortified with expertise, empathy, and excellence. Take the next step in your journey with us and experience the Ken Seeley difference.

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