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The Hopeaholics Podcast​

The Hopeaholics interviews those who have survived the despair and destruction caused by addiction and mental health disorders. Led by Chad Carlsen, who was inspired to fight the opioid epidemic after his soon-to-be son-in-law died of fentanyl poisoning, this podcast is committed to helping listeners feel less alone, more understood and a sense of hope.

Through powerful, honest and unfiltered interviews, The Hopeaholics provides an unwavering source of hope for listeners facing similar issues, banishing stigma in the process. Each episode offers different emotional tools and tips as guests recount how they

If you’re seeking a podcast that delivers unfiltered, authentic personal content filled with depth, humor and hope, The Hopeaholics is it. Tune in to discover how you can triumph over adversity and find the hope you need to keep moving forward.

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