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Transitioning from inpatient care to the realities of everyday life requires a carefully calibrated environment—one that maintains support and accountability while allowing individuals to assimilate into regular routines. Ken Seeley Communities offers precisely this through long term treatment programming. Our goal? To lay a steadfast foundation that not only supports sobriety while empowering individuals to thrive in their newfound freedom.


Our long term addiction treatment facility is a safe haven, bridging the gap between the structure of residential care and the autonomy of the outside world. While it holds the comforts of home, it’s augmented with structured support, ensuring that every resident gets the best of both worlds. With this approach, clients benefit from:

Safety & Accountability: Residents can expect regular drug and alcohol monitoring and testing, underscoring our commitment to a drug-free environment. We also uphold a zero-tolerance policy where any breach of our sobriety standards is met with swift action, underscoring our commitment to a safe, supportive environment.

Recovery Reinforcement: Every aspect of our program, from communal living to shared responsibilities, reinforces the skills acquired during intensive treatment, ensuring they’re deeply embedded.

Abstinence: With regular monitoring, a zero-tolerance policy, and a community committed to sobriety, residents are insulated from temptations and triggers.

Community: Being surrounded by individuals on the same journey creates an environment of mutual understanding, empathy, and support. This shared experience fosters strong bonds and creates an invaluable network.

Well-being: Beyond just abstinence, our environment promotes holistic well-being. This includes emotional stability, physical health, and personal growth.

Support: With access to trained professionals and a tight-knit community, residents never feel alone in their journey. Be it emotional upheavals or minor challenges, there’s always someone to lean on.

Skill Embedment: Regular participation in daily tasks and responsibilities reinforces recovery skills, ensuring that they become second nature.

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Choosing to extend the recovery journey is more than just a step down from intensive care—it’s a step up to a life of autonomy, resilience, and genuine well-being. At Ken Seeley Communities, our mission is to ensure your foundation in recovery is strong enough to support the life that follows our care. Experience the strength of lasting recovery; let the Ken Seeley approach be your guide.

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