Dangers of Snorting Cocaine

snorting cocaine

Snorting cocaine has become a deadly gamble with the influx of fentanyl in the cocaine supply.

Back in the day, cocaine was that go-to substance that guaranteed a good time. A snort of coke meant you could dance and party for hours. It wasn’t until the long-term effects of cocaine became known that the warning bells started sounding. By then it was clear that cocaine could also do some serious damage to your nose, mind, and finances.

Today, the drug is getting a new reputation. The deadly opioid, fentanyl, has been flooding into our borders, finding its way into the heroin and cocaine supplies on the street. Someone unaware that a substance is cut with fentanyl is likely to overdose, and even die, from this potent drug.

So, now cocaine is once again in the spotlight. People need to know the very high risk of ingesting coke purchased off the street due to fentanyl. Read on to learn more about the dangers of snorting coke.

What is Cocaine?

Cocaine comes from the coca plant in South America. It is a white, powdered substance that acts as a stimulant to the central nervous system. This is the main draw, the enhanced energy, reduced need for sleep, and manic mood states that people seek.

When coke is snorted through the nose, it then crosses into the bloodstream. The brain’s reward system records the pleasant effects as a desirable experience. This lays the foundation for the addiction cycle to take root.

Snorting the coke, though, is not the only way cocaine is ingested. Some may smoke the drug, something referred to as crack cocaine. Others might inject a liquid version of the drug using a syringe. These methods cause even more intense effects.

While the initial effects of coke might be enjoyable, the long-term effects can be very serious. These might include:

  • An enlarged heart
  • Heart attack
  • Damage to nasal tissue and cartilage.
  • Vascular damage.
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Major money problems.

Getting Addicted to Cocaine

The cocaine high is fairly short-lived, prompting the person to repeat the dosing sometimes multiple times in an evening. The more cocaine that is snorted, the more cocaine will be desired.

As the person continues to consume cocaine, tolerance increases. It begins to take more and more of the drug to get the desired high. Soon, they will experience withdrawal symptoms when the drug wears off.

The Dangers of Snorting Cocaine

One of the most blatant dangers of snorting coke is the damage it does to the nose itself. The delicate nasal tissues are sensitive to the drug and can become inflamed. This can lead to many problems, such as:

  • Cuts off the blood supply to the nasal tissues.
  • Causes nasal blockages.
  • Leads to loss of smell.
  • Leads to loss of feeling in the nose.
  • Affects speech.
  • Nasal inflammation causes tissue damage.
  • Causes nosebleeds.
  • Leads to sinus infections.
  • Causes sores in the mucous membrane.
  • Causes bone loss and damage to the septum, leading to a flattening of the nose.
  • Can lead to the collapse of the nose structure.

Fentanyl poses a whole new danger for those who snort cocaine. People who form a cocaine habit are now at risk of getting product that is tainted with the deadly opioid. One snort of that mixture and it could result in death.

What to Do If You Have a Cocaine Addiction

When what started as a recreational habit of snorting cocaine morphs into an addiction, you will need help. It is very hard to wrest yourself free from cocaine without expert treatment.

The path to recovery begins with cocaine detox and withdrawal. This is the process that involves abstaining from the drug and then allowing the body to slowly adjust to its absence. Withdrawal symptoms of Cocaine include:

  • Chills
  • Restlessness
  • Increased appetite.
  • Nightmares
  • Insomnia or hypersomnia.
  • Headaches
  • Exhaustion
  • Muscle aches
  • Cravings
  • Hallucinations
  • Paranoid thoughts.
  • Suicidal thoughts.

Detox takes about a week, during which time the detox team provides the needed meds to ease you through the symptoms. When the body has become stable, your loved one will then be ready to embark on the addiction treatment program.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

It would be great if you could just snap back to your old self before you started snorting cocaine. In reality, it really doesn’t work that way. The compulsive desire to use cocaine needs to be trained out of you. This is possible through an array of therapies that teach you new ways of managing triggers.

It takes time to replace old habits and thought patterns with new ones. Therapy offers the tools to make these crucial changes, and rehab allows you to practice them. One-on-one therapy, group therapy, and family therapy all work together to help you overcome old habits.

Therapies Used for Cocaine Recovery

Addiction specialists have a long list of therapies at their disposal. They are trained to know which type of therapy is best for which substance use disorder. They also take into account any mental health disorder that might also be in play. A co-occurring mental health issue would also have to be addressed and treated.

Some of the therapies that work well for cocaine addiction are:

Contingency Management. CM works though the use of rewards. You will be offered certain rewards, like points, gifts, privileges, or vouchers, if you abstain from the cocaine. This shapes your behavior choices while you are learning to live without the drug.

CBT. CBT teaches you how to respond in a healthy manner to cocaine cravings or other triggers. Through the help of a CBT therapist, you address the dysfunctional thought patterns that lead to substance use actions.

The dangers of snorting cocaine are not to be ignored. Decide today that it is time to stop allowing cocaine to rule your life. There is help for you out there, so go turn your life around!

Ken Seeley Communities Provides Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

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