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Treatment with impact, crafting a brighter, addiction-free future.

Leveraging the unparalleled expertise of Ken Seeley, renowned interventionist and addiction specialist, our comprehensive addiction programs treat every stage of recovery. From tailored interventions, residential treatment, to supportive transitional living homes, we prioritize impactful care, compassion, and continuous support. Dedicated to facilitating lasting change, Ken Seeley Communities is your partner in crafting a brighter, addiction-free future.

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Our Difference

Our community is at the forefront of providing treatment that lasts.

Ken Seeley Communities stands out with a unique blend of proven treatment methods born out of our relentless commitment to real, lasting transformation.

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Guided by a Pioneer

With the leadership of Ken Seeley, our treatment stands apart. Clients dive into a recovery journey that's molded by one of the most influential figures in the realm of addiction and rehabilitation.

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Ideal Surroundings

Located in the scenic Palm Springs, our center synergizes the natural calm of Palm Desert with state-of-the-art therapeutic methods - giving us special sanctuary where recovery doesn't just happen; it thrives.

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Recovery for Life

Our dedication extends beyond the treatment period. Our alumni stay connected and receive recovery support for life through our complimentary weekly support groups.

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How We Enhance the Treatment Experience

At Ken Seeley Communities, every aspect of our program is designed to elevate the traditional recovery experience, ensuring healing and a transformation that lasts.

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our location

Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a unique desert paradise, where the majestic San Jacinto Mountains meet iconic mid-century architecture, creating a desert retreat renowned for its sunny days, starry nights, and a timeless allure

“Through Ken’s program I was offered outstanding therapy, guidance and compassion. But, most of all I was offered structure, supervision and accountability. For an addict those are things I needed the most. Ken and his team have given me a new lease on life, a new outlook on my future and a new way of thinking. Moreover, Ken has given my family their [son] back. For that, we owe Ken a great deal of gratitude.”

Ken Seeley
Our Founder

Ken Seeley

As a globally recognized addiction expert, Ken offers a comprehensive approach to lasting recovery, drawing from his own experiences and innovative methodologies.

Intervention Season 25 Coming Soon to A&E

A&E network’s acclaimed series Intervention is back for a 25th season starting June 3rd.

Ken Seeley of Ken Seeley Communities and Intervention911 returns as an interventionist on the Emmy award-winning television show, alongside other esteemed professionals. The show follows those with severe substance abuse and their loved ones as they navigate the reality of addiction…

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