medication for alcoholism

Drugs To Treat Alcoholism

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Anyone who has attempted to quit drinking unsuccessfully understands the powerful grip of alcohol addiction. Alcoholism is a brain disease, a result of the altered brain chemistry and neural pathways that can make it a very daunting and frustrating…
brain to heal from alcohol

How Long Does it Take for Your Brain to Heal from Alcohol?

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Recovery is a beautiful thing. It is a fact that even someone with a lengthy history of alcoholism can regain brain health in recovery, reversing years of damage to brain structures, volume, and functioning. Even after only six months, the individual…
long term addiction treatment

Long Term Addiction Treatment Facilities

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6 Benefits of a Residential Addiction Treatment Program We humans have been groomed to expect instant results in every facet of our lives. We seek expediency wherever we can find it, whether it’s the highest speed Internet service, the quickest…
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Naltrexone Alcohol Addiction Recovery Support

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Alcoholism can steal everything good in a person’s life. It can also steal life itself. About 7% of the adult population, or approximately 15 million people struggle with alcohol addiction or dependency, according to the Substance Abuse and…