Intervention Season 25 Coming Soon to A&E

ken seeley

A&E network’s acclaimed series Intervention is back for a 25th season starting June 3rd. Ken Seeley of Ken Seeley Communities and Intervention911 returns as an interventionist on the Emmy award-winning television show, alongside other esteemed professionals. The show follows those with severe substance abuse and their loved ones as they navigate the reality of addiction. […]

Where Do I Get Help for Alcohol Abuse

where do i get help for alcohol abuse

Problem drinking can creep up slowly. In fact, what might have started off as a timely intervention for managing stress, say with a cocktail after work, can surprise you when you suddenly realize that your single cocktail has slowly multiplied into several. This can happen as the body becomes more tolerant of the presence of […]

Celebrating Sober Holidays and Sustained Recovery

sober holidays

While most folks may enjoy the holiday season, for those in recovery this celebratory time of the year can pose certain challenges. Protecting one’s sobriety will require special vigilance during the upcoming weeks, but it is still very possible to enjoy the sober holidays and keep recovery firmly intact. A little strategic planning goes a […]