Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms and Timeline

cocaine withdrawal

Learn What to Expect During Cocaine Detox and Withdrawal. Cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs out there. For over a decade, high costs for the drug suppressed it’s popularity—but now it is on the rise again. In fact, SAMHSA reports a 26% increase in cocaine use among young adults. Many people look to […]

Sober Lite is Not Sobriety

sober lite

What Does Sober Lite Like The Weeknd Mean? Singer The Weeknd has recently caused quite the stir. In his recent interview on GQ Magazine, the singer has claimed that he is living the “sober lite” life. Explaining what he meant by “sober lite” he mentioned that he does drink occasionally and smokes Marijuana. Addiction expert […]

The Problem With the Term “California Sober”

California Sober

California Sober is Not Sobriety At All Singer Demi Lovato has recently caused quite a stir. In her new documentary called “Dancing with the Devil,” Lovato claims to now be “California sober.” She states that this approach in recovery is better for her than complete sobriety. That abstinence “only sets her up for failure.” Ms. […]