telemental health

Telemental Health in California

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If you are struggling with signs of a mental health issue, or if substance use has ramped up, you are not alone. The stay-at-home orders are impacting our mental or behavioral health in a big way, even the most “stable” among us. Results…
alcohol and social anxiety

The Link Between Alcohol and Social Anxiety

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When considering what may drive someone to use alcohol as a soothing panacea for managing mental wellness disorders it is helpful to gain a deeper understanding of the connection between social anxiety and alcohol abuse. It isn’t difficult…
Alcohol and Depression

Dual Diagnosis Alcohol and Depression

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A dual diagnosis occurs when an individual is struggling with both a substance use disorder and a coexisting mental wellness disorder. Dual diagnosis is a complex and prevalent condition that impacts about 25% of those with a drug or alcohol…
brain to heal from alcohol

How Long Does it Take for Your Brain to Heal from Alcohol?

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Recovery is a beautiful thing. It is a fact that even someone with a lengthy history of alcoholism can regain brain health in recovery, reversing years of damage to brain structures, volume, and functioning. Even after only six months, the individual…