Tuscany Manor

 Imagine waking up to blue skies and amazing views of the Palm Springs Mountains. That’s the sight guests of our newest property Tuscany Manor see every morning. Home to the Men of Ken Seeley Communities this former hotel is located just outside of downtown Palm Springs.This newly renovated property features a full pool and spa. It also has a huge outdoor area, perfect to enjoy the sun year round.

Inside, every kitchen is stocked with a full assortment of cooking utensils. Living rooms provide plenty of room to relax and watch TV. Cable and internet are provided at the Tuscany at no extra cost.

The “apartment” units are either one or two bedroom.  Each bedroom is also furnished with a TV.  Guest can experience living in an independent way while keeping the safety of a sober environment.  Tuscany Manor is ideally situated and guests are a quick bus ride or walk away from IOP, 12-step meetings, the grocery store, and anywhere else they need to go.