Proper nutrition plays a significant role in the Recovery process. Every newly recovering addicts struggles with craving to use alcohol and drugs. Research has shown that a diet with the right types of high protein and high carbohydrate-rich foods can make a huge difference in a person’s ability not only to improve overall health but actually reduce the cravings for drugs and alcohol. Most people afflicted with addiction have neglected their diet, and experience gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea, constipation, an inability to digest foods properly, along with a poor appetite. As a result, they have a special need for foods that are high in nutrients to rebuild damaged tissues, organs and regain appropriate functioning of the various systems including the nervous and gastrointestinal systems.
At Ken Seeley Communities, our trained staff can help develop the right nutrition program for you to get you squarely on the road to physical recovery. We work with you to teach you how to buy and prepare the right foods. We develop custom programs for our clients that help reduce cravings and ensure overall health.


Recovery-based educational programs seek to protect the gains of people who have completed treatment by providing support for relapse prevention through peer recovery networks, parental involvement, lifestyle management, and a drug free community. Our trained staff helps fully educate our clientele on the underlying causes of addiction and create an environment focused on learning. We help our clients understand the Neurobiology which can lie at the root of the addiction process.
Our clients claim that when they complete their time with us, they fully grasp all aspects of addiction and recovery and feel confident about making the proper choices moving forward.


Active addiction brings a person’s body to the brink of destruction. Weight loss and a severe reduction in muscle mass are common symptoms. In order to reverse this trend, a comprehensive fitness program is required to help restore the body’s proper weight and focus on rebuilding muscle mass. In addition, exercise releases endorphins in the body and helps create/replace the missing “pleasure stimulus” of drugs and alcohol. Research has shown that people who embark on a comprehensive exercise program during recovery have a much lower chance of relapse.
At Ken Seeley Communities, our staff will develop just the right exercise and fitness program for you. We’ll teach you to utilize both resistance and cardiovascular exercise to maximize results in the most minimal timeframe. Together with our nutrition programs, we’ll have you on the road to superb physical shape in no time flat.


While Hypnosis has been around for hundreds of years, it remains one of the least understood, and most underutilized mental acumens. Many people are now familiar with the promise Hypnosis holds for people who want to stop smoking or lose weight, but fewer are familiar with the vast potential it holds in helping people quickly and effectively overcome fears and phobias, change unwanted or disruptive habits, reduce or eliminate dependency on drugs and alcohol, addressing insomnia and improving athletic performance. And studies have shown that adding Hypnosis Therapy to traditional Recovery methods can DRAMATICALLY  improve sobriety success rates!
Ken Seeley Communities partners with outside professionals to provide access to this important adjunct to your recovery treatment.
*Some services and programs may be an additional expense. Call for additional information.