Our Philosophy

male_mountain_climber_leaning_backAt Ken Seeley Communities, we refuse to be mired in the old ways of sobriety management. Rather, we’ve adopted a proven fundamental and philosophical model that incorporates a FIVE YEAR PLAN to ensure FAR greater success than traditional recovery modalities.
Ken Seeley Communities believes in the achievable goal of life long sobriety. Addiction is a chronic, progressive and fatal disease…and even with a one-year treatment program, relapse, jail and even untimely death are still possible. So we’ve created a protocol for long-term sobriety that imposes greater accountability on the individual, the family and other treatment professionals. By shifting the focus from 30 days to long-term, we provide goals that reach into the future and create a continuing care plan.
From the beginning of the check-in process we assess the need of the individual with a clear focus on accountability. Learning how to cope with the desire to relapse and getting to the root of the problem is where true recovery begins and is what our sober hotels are most successful at. Individuals that have a 5-year continuum of care have an 80-95% success rate. Individuals that do not have a 5-year plan have a much lower chance of staying sober after the first year.
At Ken Seeley Communities, we help provide access to people who will assist you with the plan AND learning the tools to make life-long sobriety achievable.